Lisa & Lucy


The Team
In the heart of New York's garment district, Lisa & Lucy's team is a tight knit group of women who spend their days diligently working to produce this new labor of love. The team has been together for more than a decade and it's their close bond and devotion to fashion that has brought this line into being.

The Clothing
Lisa & Lucy was launched in January 2016 by founder Geneva Goldsmith. The brand's aesthetic is both modern and feminine featuring vibrant prints, flirty hemlines, and timeless silhouettes.

The Creator
Geneva Goldsmith the founder of Lisa & Lucy named the brand after her mother and grandmother. Their classic styles combined with Geneva's modern sensibility helped to create a fresh vision. The line also reflects the unique bond that stylish women share with one another, captivating fellow female dreamers of all shapes and ages. 

Made in New York
Lisa & Lucy is proudly inspired by and made in New York. We are a brand of women, for the women, and by the women.